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Only the valid IP address is useful and necessary to access internet for all of the users who use internet. Now wireless internet connection is very popular and this service is accelerate by the Wi-Fi service. Wi-Fi service can be made by the router. The router creates private networks what is also use private IP address and it is private IP address what cannot be used from out of the network. The Private IP address helps to make connect the wireless devices with the router and by this router. Manufacturer of the routers always set the default IP address and default login credentials with router. Those default things are used for setup settings in the router and those thing are valid always.
Invalid IP address cannot help you anyway. The invalid IP address is a false IP address and many users make invalid IP address by mistake. Example of the invalid IP address is 192.168.L.L or 192.168.l.l. The mistake of forming the IP address starts for the IP address what is a valid IP address. Many people make mistake about the last two digits 1.1 and they type L.L instead of the numbers. That is the fault and it makes problem for creating the IP address. That is why, the IP address becomes invalid.
Many users ask questions on forums to know about the error message related with 192.168.L.L. They think that they are typing correct IP address but they are getting error message instead of getting login page of the router. The IP address is formed with numbers and dots. You cannot use any other things in the IP address and you cannot put any number in the IP address. You have to follow the IP address formation rule when you form the IP address and you have to create the IP address in the IP address range. The IP address range start from to
The letters of the mistake of the invalid IP address 192.168.L.L. If you replace the letters with any valid number (from the IP address range), you can create a valid IP address. Suppose, is a valid IP address. However, the IP address is valid but it may not work to access the router. As this IP address is not default IP address for your router. You need to use the default IP address if you are giving effort to login to the router.
Read the manual of the router or check back of the router to know the default IP address and rest of the login details. Now open a browser and type the default IP address on the address and press enter. You will get the login page due to the correct and default IP address. By the login credentials you can login to the router. Changing the router IP address is necessary if you are very concern about the security of the router. You may also change the default login credentials for expanding the router security. You can change the setting and you get back to default by pressing reset button.